Professional Services



Depending on the project this process is subject to change to align with client needs, but overall this is generally the flow of how illustration and graphic design work usually rolls out. There is plenty of preparation involved in creating new artworks, including when live drawing an event.

Service Description

Digital Illustration
For a wide range of purposes. Open to commissions from clients of all needs and sectors. Experienced in illustrating portraits, for children's books, infographics and how-to manuals, zines, textbooks, news articles, magazine covers, educational resources, non-profit or government reports, designs for custom merchandise, album cover art, and much more.

Digital Graphic Facilitation

The process of creating visual templates and tools to inspire and focus thinking while simultaneously documenting the path of communication and learning. Additionally, it also includes adding information to support the participants by drawing simple graphics throughout the session. Live graphic facilitation documents gatherings or conversations for better understanding and so you can look back on time spent together to be able to reflect and also share with other stakeholders and community members beyond the event. Live graphics during an event or important meeting offers an additional opportunity to interact with content in a multisensory way. Visual notes are known to aid with memory retention, and to also be

 supportive of neurodiverse individuals. Can be done in person or virtually, over Zoom. Accepting clients globally.

Graphic Design
Includes logo design, brochure design, business card design, poster design and more.

Digital & Stop Motion Animation
Live draw videos for educational, storytelling, or promotional purposes. Experience in educational live draw stop motion films, stop motion animation, non-profit programming promotional videos using animation, and more.

Selling original artwork, printed matter featuring my art (stickers, art prints, t-shirts, keychains, and more), and handmade jewelry.

To see samples of Bria's work or for more information about Bria Makes Things' services, please visit the  professional services website.


Through the contact form on, directly via email at [email protected], or via social media DMs on Instagram or Facebook.
Please note that the artist's availability to accept orders and requests is subject to change depending on Bria's working schedule. For commissions and graphic facilitation work, a minimum of 2 weeks notice before a booking to have time for initial meeting for initial meeting, preparation, and research is preferred. Will write back to you as soon as possible. A 50% deposit is required for commission orders and freelance work. Please do not send a deposit until your order has been confirmed and a deadline for when your piece will be completed is arranged with you.