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Professional Services

What Services does Bria Makes Things offer?

Digital Illustration
For a wide range of purposes! Open to commissions from clients of all needs and sectors. Experienced in illustrating projects including children's books, textbooks, news articles, magazine covers, educational resources, non-profit or government reports, for zines, custom merchandise, and so much more.

Digital Graphic Facilitation
Valuable in supporting any level of public engagement. Capturing wisdom and nuance spoken by participants in a room together or within a virtual space (Zoom or other video conferencing platform) with live drawing. A unique and engaging visual and event documentation tool that combines data collection, facilitation, active listening and art. Graphic Facilitation promotes small groups and organizations to incite and highlight meaningful discussion and themes of focus or concern in their work. This service makes collective decision making and planning ahead with a shared vision and understanding succinct and engaging.

Digital graphic facilitation is available in 2 methods:

  • On-site and live, in person during an event

  • After an event or meeting that is live streamed and recorded online, or recorded via audio or video methods. Graphics created are based on the recording as well as any guidance and additional context provided by the client.

Graphic Design
Includes logo design, poster design, promotional materials, educational resources and worksheets, branding, and more.

To see samples of Bria's work, please check out select artworks from their online portfolio shown below.

  • 11+ years of experience and training in facilitation practices and frameworks (arts administration & curation, event and workshop coordination, Emergent Strategy Immersion training, trauma informed approaches training, Restorative justice, Art of Hosting, Brave Space, Training for Change, Tatamagouche Centre, Wonder'Neath, Heartwood Centre for Youth and Community Development, etc)
  • 7+ years of experience and training in graphic facilitation
  • 6+ years of experience in graphic design, branding and promotion support
  • A unique suite of creative and organizational skills from a wide range of experience
  • Lived experience, care and accessibility, as well as a constant pursuit of education and professional development as the predominant informant of Bria Makes Things' approaches to collaboration and their work
  • Natural knack for project management and consultation informed by years of education and research in pro-survivor, restorative and anti-oppression based frameworks and working groups
  • A creative problem solver, passionate about aiding a wide range of clients' needs and projects

Depending on the project this process is subject to change to align with client needs, but overall this is generally the flow of how illustration and graphic design work usually rolls out, including preparation work required.

  • Initial Meeting or virtual/phone call with client to learn context of the project, ask questions, and create a shared vision together
  • Preparation and research
  • Drafting layout, aesthetic, color schemes, fonts, style, etc.
  • Creation time (actual time spent drawing and creating the artwork)
  • Check in with the client via email or phone re: progress for feedback
  • Editing, 1hr complimentary to address spelling or other changes requested
  • Digitally formatting the final files for client use & sending to the client as .PNG and .PDF files (unless otherwise requested). Custom dimensions available.


Email Bria directly at [email protected], or via social media DMs on Instagram at @briamakesthings

Please note that the artist's availability to accept orders and requests is subject to change depending on current commitments and working schedule.
For commissions and graphic facilitation work, a minimum of 2 weeks notice before a booking to have time for an initial meeting or phone call, preparation, and research is preferred. Will write back to you as soon as possible.
A 50% deposit is required for commission orders and freelance work. Please do not send a deposit until your order has been confirmed and a deadline for when your piece will be completed is arranged with you.