About Bria

Bria Miller is a Yarmouth born multidisciplinary visual artist, graphic facilitator and organizer, a DJ (DJ VJ), and poet. She is self-taught and has been learning digital art creation as well as how to animate in the past year. For the past 4 years her artwork in the form of stickers, art prints and original paintings have been sold in many spaces and during various events and markets in Halifax, NS including Alteregos Cafe, Glitter Bean Cafe, Bus Stop Theatre, Halifax Zine Fair, North by Night Market, Venus Envy, Good Robot, and more! 

Bria is a founder of Taking BLK Gottingen markets in Halifax, alongside Kordeena Clayton, Marika Paris and Michelle Strum. She has also sold her work when doing public speaking gigs elsewhere in Canada. 

Currently she is primarily spending her time doing curatorial work in her full-time day job as Co-Director at Khyber Centre for the Arts, and private art commissions in her free time. This includes digital illustrations for many projects such as books, educational resources, social media content, collaborative merch design and more. When she can make time, Bria can be found in a more experimental and explorative zone making ink illustrations with alcohol and water based inks, or exploring and learning paper puppet-making for animation films, making short films, making resin art, learning new skills.

Bria advocates for equity and anti-racism in opportunities and access for BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIAP+ communities, creatives and learners in K'jipuktuk as well as wherever her work takes her. Individually and through her work at the Khyber, she hosts arts based events, facilitates workshops with an anti-oppressive focus, and also supports other artists to host public or closed space events and workshops where attendees can create or experience art, and express themselves on their own terms- promoting collaboration, connection and experimentation.


Follow Bria and her work on Instagram  |  @encouraginghonesty